International Lashing Service b.v. (ILS) does not process any personal data of the visitors of this website and does not use cookies. However, because ILS considers proper handling of the privacy of individuals of great importance and is responsible for the careful handling of personal data, this disclaimer explains how we do this.

International Lashing Service b.v. (hereinafter referred to as ‘ILS’) specialises in the lashing and securing of cargo and containers on board ships and ashore and also performs stevedoring services. In carrying out its business operations, ILS processes personal data of its personnel, customers, suppliers and cooperation partners. The policy of ILS is to handle these data carefully and securely and to guarantee the privacy of the data subjects. The legal frameworks that are complied with include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, (EU) 679/2016) and the Data Breach Notification Duty. To meet the requirements for the protection of personal data, ILS applies the following principles when processing personal data:

Transparency: Data subjects shall at all times have the right to access, request, (cause to) correct and/or (cause to) delete their own personal data, provided that this does not restrict the possibility of providing proper service;

Lawfulness and decency: Personal data shall be processed and documented in a proper and careful manner in accordance with the law;

Basis and purpose limitation: Personal data shall only be collected and processed for specific, explicit and justified purposes;

Data minimisation: Only the minimum personal data necessary for the predefined purpose is processed;

Retention period: Personal data shall not be kept for longer than is strictly necessary and/or legal;

Integrity and confidentiality: Personal Data shall be treated carefully and confidentially for the purpose for which it was collected by persons subject to a duty of confidentiality. Appropriate and sufficient technical and organisational security measures have been taken;

Sharing with third parties: When providing personal data to third parties (such as partner companies, hiring companies, customers, service providers, insurers and training institutes), proper arrangements on maintaining confidentiality have been made with the relevant parties by means of data processor agreements;

Incidents: In the event of a security incident resulting in the loss or unlawful use of sensitive personal data, data subjects will be informed, the incident will be recorded and a report will be drawn up in accordance with the Data Breach Notification Duty;

The implementation of this Privacy Statement is laid down in the ‘‘Policy Statement for the Protection of Personal Data’ and as an internal procedure in the ILS Quality Manual. International Lashing Service b.v. is responsible for effectively communicating, implementing, managing and supervising the correct application of and compliance with this policy and the procedures.